Once upon a time, I could actually draw. It figures that I wouldn't realize it until years later.

I drew these gestures in my senior year in college -- figure drawing. I must have been pretty naive to think that I wouldn't be drawing nude figures. It had never really crossed my mind when I signed up. I was in for a shock at my first class. When I figured out what was about to happen -- I started sweating a bit. Then I got over it and drew.

I came across these as we were packing to move last night. Every few years, I go through my old art portfolio from college and reminisce over my old projects. During college, I had zero confidence in my fine art abilities. I was a graphic design major and the fine art classes were a requirement. The other students in my fine art classes were a million times more talented than I was. I felt like a fool most of the time.

As with most things in my life, I look back and realize that I actually wasn't all that bad. I didn't want to keep all of my artwork from college so I took photos of everything I really liked. I kept some and tossed others (which was a disaster -- I missed the dumpster and ended up chasing paper all over our parking lot last night!). My gesture drawings were some of favorite pieces and I think it's because I felt much more comfortable drawing so loosely. I saved a lot of these drawings and I think they will make a nice series of wall art in white matted frames.

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