Likin' my Nikon

Last month's Daphne photo count total was 151. Yesterday's photo count was 150. Yes, I might have an addiction.

As I've mentioned, I never claim to be a photographer -- maybe a photographer wannabe is more like it. I think I have a pretty good sense of how to compose a good photo -- I make sure there isn't visual noise behind my subject (aka clutter) and I'm usually taking the principles of both symmetrical and asymmetrical balance into consideration before I snap the picture.

But, I still have so, so, so much to learn about my new camera. I'd love to start using it on manual, but I really wouldn't know what the heck I'm doing. The 150 photos I took mostly came from using the continuous shooting mode. A lot of cameras have this option -- my Sony did. When you've selected this setting, holding down the shutter-release button will take a stream of photos while the button is pressed. The Nikon takes 3 frames per second. This feature is great for photographing babies. You'll be sure to get at least one good shot!

While I was photographing Daphne sitting in her crib she did something very unexpected -- she pulled herself up to standing! I actually have a few photos of her in the act thanks to the continuous shooting mode. Guess it's time to lower the crib...

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