Pinwheel Bouquet

Today I googled "how to make pinwheels". Daphne took a nap and then I got down to business. VIB (Very Important Business).

I used these instructions. I followed them loosely once I got the general idea. Because mine will be used for decoration only I hot glued the corners instead of using a pin. In the future, I'd like to use patterned card stock. These could be a great party favor or craft at parties. You could make miniature versions and adorn them on frames or vases --- or really anything.

I used off-white and yellow opalescent card stock. For the stems, I used wooden skewers. I recommend making pinwheels of different sizes for variety if you are making a bouquet.

Something else you could do with these guys? Skip attaching the stem and flatten them. Arrange them on white paper and frame it!

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