Pinwheels Round Two

Remember when I suggested flattening your pinwheels in my last post? Here they are again -- flattened and attached to different color card stocks I had laying around. I had been getting pretty tired of the prints I designed that were formerly taking residence in these white frames. I definitely plan on doing a few more of these -- perhaps using white pinwheels on white card stock. Sometimes I think it's refreshing to frame something that isn't completely flat. The folds in the paper create dimension and I love how they turned out. The fact that they are super easy to make helps too :)

Also, big news here! If you've read my "About" section, you probably know that I've been using a Sony Cybershot to take all of my photos. I knew I'd be getting something nicer in the future but had no idea when. Enter early birthday present from Brian and both of our families -- a Nikon D3100! Today's photo is the last photo you'll see taken with my Cybershot. I'm excited...and a little intimidated. But mostly just excited!

1 comment:

  1. They came out amazing - I'll definitely have to try that. So fun and original.

    Congratulations on the camera, I've definitely been dropping hints to Nate that in the next couple of years I want to upgrade.