Snow Day

Well, it snowed here last night. Usually, I'd be one to hate all over the snow because I went to college in Erie, PA where the snow seemed endless. Perma-salt rings around the edges of your jeans. For me, perma-cold hands. I'm just not a fan of the white stuff.

This winter is different though. I'm home with my baby and I don't usually have to go anywhere if I don't want to. I can look at the pretty white snow and enjoy it. Turns out it makes for great lighting in photos.

There really was not too much wrong with the original photo here. It needed to be brightened up a bit. I wanted to artsy it up though. All in Photoshop -- I lightened it first and then de-saturated the color. I left the original photo layer in the file and created a mask so that only the saturated colors in Daphne's hat, cheeks, and mouth showed through. For the record, I always save the original file because sometimes it's nice to have something a little more real and a little less artsy. I'll probably frame the artsy version but keep the original in iPhoto for the days when I look at her old photos and almost cry over how big she's already gotten!

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