Well, hello there.

I am not a photographer, nor do I claim to be one. I am a graphic designer who studied many art disciplines while attaining my BA in Graphic Design. Photography was one of my classes -- but at the time, I was loaded down with way too many studio art classes and barely had the time and effort to put all of my focus into one or the other.

In studying and learning the basics of design, I find myself analyzing EVERYTHING from a design standpoint. Sometimes, it's a curse as it's nearly impossible to make everything in life look as perfect as I'd like it to. This blog will show all of my projects -- photography, graphic design, interior design, and just about anything that I make and care to show off. I hope you'll enjoy what I share.

Lately, I've become pretty crazy about taking photos of my daughter, Daphne. Right now, I have a point and shoot Sony Cybershot. One day, I'll get something fancier -- but I'm doing pretty good with what I have. I've relearned that lighting is uber-important and without it, Photoshop work can only go so far. I'm no pro -- and I will never claim to be -- I just have fun doing what I'm doing and it makes me happy.

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