This post isn't very designish of me. I just had to share the awesomeness that was my thrift store find yesterday.

I had popped into one of best local thrift stores to look for frames and white ceramic items. While I was paying for my items, I peeked over into the glass case. I probably did a double take. I pointed over to the handbag and asked the cashier how much it was to which she replied $35.

I examined it really well. I had a clutch by the same designer and won't say how much I paid for it. I knew this bag was worth a LOT more than $35. I scooped it up, repeating over and over to the cashier that I couldn't believe I just found it and that it is probably the best find I will ever have in my life.

It was a Gustto handbag. Dark wine color -- tags tucked into the pocket and seems like it was never used. Soft, supple leather. I checked the style number online and was not surprised to find that it retails for $595!

I realize this is the only time something like this will happen to me. I'm okay with that!

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  1. I went to an antique store the other day while in Medford and there was a real fur (mink?) pill box hat with pom pom on top for sale for $22. It was from 1960 from Gimbels in NYC with the satin tag still sewn in. Was too small for my head. BOO

    good job on this find!