Displaying Photos

My family gave me this book as part of my birthday present this year. I love it. It has a lot of unique ideas for displaying photos. I'm planning to pose off a lot more of the arrangements in the book --  I'll be sure to share.

I really liked the horizontal arrangement of photos in the spread I've included here. Do you see how the series is all in B&W?! Every single one of the frames shown is a different size with different sized mats -- and all the photos come together perfectly.

Because I liked the horizontal arrangement, I decided to try something of my own on our (newly painted!!!) dresser. The frames are all from Ikea. I painted 2 of them white, and 3 of them the same green as our bedroom walls. I'd like to say the decision to paint them green was purely a design decision -- but it was largely influenced by the fact that we have almost a whole gallon of bedroom paint leftover. Good thing I'm a huge fan of green.

I could have kept the photos all B&W, but I wanted a little more variety. Besides, our house is getting a little heavy on the B&Ws. I've proclaimed my love for them -- and I will forever -- but I wanted to keep things fresh and live on the edge. I'm such a risk-taker.

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