Don't Be Skerd of Pattern

I picked up this book on Patterns at Tuesday Morning the other day. I was on the hunt for some fun coffee table books. Bonus points to any coffee table book I find that I actually think is interesting.

Patterns can be scary. At least, I think so. When paired together correctly, seemingly very different patterns can look amazing together (what I learned from this book). Sometimes pattern pairing can also turn out to be a disaster. I tend to keep colors simple and often avoid any type of risk associated with patterns.  I like to live in the safe lane.

I've started to take more pattern risks since we've moved. I've done some of my own successful pattern pairings with throw pillows (maybe to be shown at a later date?). Yesterday, after being inspired by my new coffee table book -- I finally decided to fill the empty shabby-chicesque photo frame that we picked up from the trusty ol' thrift store. And what did I fill it with? Pattern! I had leftover fabric from the curtains we hung in our master bedroom. I measured the size of the frame and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving an extra inch around each side. I folded the fabric over a piece of heavy card stock and hot glued the excess fabric onto the backside and DONE. Took about 5 minutes.

I'm already thinking of ways to evolve this project -- maybe I'll add photo corners to the fabric and insert a photo? I'm not skerd.

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