Drama, Drama, Drama

You are probably thinking I need to step away from the B&W photos. I can't. I love how they instantly unite with other B&W's like they've been friends forever. Old photos can mesh with new ones and they can look great in a series of frames all in close proximity to one another. You just can't mess it up.

I took these photos of Daphne late late in the afternoon when the light was harsh in our bedroom. The shadows were kind of crazy and I thought for sure that this little photoshoot would be a bust. For the majority of photos, it was -- but for a select few, it was a complete success!

When converted to B&W, these photos really took on a dramatic effect. I used the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop to lighten up the areas I wanted brighter and darken those I wanted darker. The more contrast in the photo, the better. I love how the design on the duvet cover almost points to Daphne. Definitely unintentional. Luck.

As her Momma, I am wired to believe that Daphne is the most perfectly beautiful being in the entire universe. With that said, I joked with Brian that she kind of looked like Eddie Munster in the first photo. Brian's response, "Who is Eddie Munster?". And his next response? "Shocker, it's an old TV show probably from the 50s." In case you didn't know, I watched a lot of Nick-at-Nite as a kid and enjoyed old sitcoms like Bewitched, Get Smart, I Dream of Jeannie...and my all-time favorite, I Love Lucy. The Munsters was a good one too. As I tried to argue that The Munsters wasn't THAT old (after I googled the theme song and began giddily humming along)...I had to bite my tongue when I realized that its last episode aired 17 years before I was born. In my defense, I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of the shows other kids were --The Simpsons and 90210 were off limits. Even the 6 year old down the street was allowed to watch 90210. She had a Dylan pillow. Man, was I jealous.

So, dramatic B&W photos. Yeah...


  1. Ha. I also watched Nick at Nite in lieu of the forbidden-in-our-house 90210. I loved Dennis the Mennis, My Three Sons and I Dream of Jeannie. When those weren't on, I snuck down to my neighbors house to watch Brandon in the crew on their bigger than life projector TV.

  2. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who had to watch NAN. Brian makes fun of me all the time! Is it sad that I like to watch the new 90210 just to make up for all the years I couldn't watch the original? I'll answer my own question -- yes, I think it is.