Our Bathroom Makeover

Vines. Dirty white walls. Vines. Vines. Vines.

As soon as I set foot in this bathroom when we were looking at the house as potential buyers -- I knew this bathroom would HAVE to be changed. Our first priority, however, was making all the needed updates/repairs on the main floor. For weeks, I spent as little time as I could in this bathroom. I didn't want anything to do with it. I closed the door that leads into our bedroom so I didn't have to look at it. It wasn't just the vines that bothered me -- it was the dirty handprint smudges on the walls that the previous owners left behind. Those smudges not only disgusted me -- they were a constant reminder that this house didn't feel like ours yet.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo before we removed the two medicine cabinets that hung there. One over the sink and the other over the toilet. They were both the same finish as the vanity. They were bulky and old. And dusty. Like 10 years worth of dust on the top. I think I gagged when I saw it.

So here's the list of things we did:

1) painted
2) hung a new mirror and light fixture
3) painted the vanity white
4) replaced old faucet with new one
5) hung new shower rod and curtain YHL style

It almost feels spa-like in here now. I still remember the vines. I still remember the handprints. But with time, I'll forget :)

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