Teary-Eyed Faceplant

Now that we live in a house, we have easy access to the outdoors (duh). With the most recent snow, I decided it was time to finally let Daphne discover what this stuff is all about.

I bundled her up and took her out to the backyard. I plopped her down in the snow and started to turn on my camera and got into shooting position. As I was making my adjustments, I started to see her tip. I wasn't fast enough. When I got to her (I was seriously only a foot away), she was face down in the snow. Only the snow wasn't so soft anymore. In fact, it wasn't soft at all. It had hardened over night. It was icy. And it hurt. Her poor little face was a tiny bit red where it came in contact with the ice and her eyes were glazed with tears.

When I finally got her to calm down, we switched locations. I trekked up to the deck and this time, learning from her teary-eyed faceplant, I dug a little hole for her to sit in. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place. I managed to get a few good photos of her and we quickly got back inside. We were outside for less than 10 minutes.

The original photo was dark. I never realize just how dark a photo is until I compare it to the one that I've just adjusted. I lightened it up and de-saturated the color in her fuzzy hat and coat. Nothing wrong with the original colors -- I just wanted something a little softer. I also took some of the shadows out of her eyes to bring out the hazel that I just KNOW is there.

I could have left it at that. And don't worry, I kept all three versions. I thought I may want a B&W version also. I still wanted some color to show through though. I used layer masks in Photoshop to bring through a bit of color in her hat, cheeks, eyes, and lips. I just love the contrast of the B&W mixed with the subtle color showing through. I am running out of frames in this house...

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