6 Little Details

Sometimes, the little details need some appreciation. And sometimes, I need to focus on them so I can forget the deep sea of to-do lists that I'm currently drowning in.

One: A view from the foot of our bed. This room started out as mauve and our bedroom furniture used to be a dark oak color. Brian put a lot of hard work into painting the set (and me, a little, but I consider myself more of the 'art director' of all things involving the decor of our home). The frames are from a shop I found on eBay. They were custom made for dirt cheap. And now the shop doesn't exist anymore. Hmm. The photos: our wedding, our princess angel, and us at a wedding. The duvet cover came from a place that rhymes with Hi-Smea.

Two: A close-up of the duvet cover that came from the place that rhymes with Hi-Smea. I spot a cat hair.

Three: A glass arrangement I have set up on our nightstand. All from the thrift store and one originally from Crate & Barrel.

Four: Princess Angel is loving to slide herself under the couches. Which reminds me that I need to Swiffer.

Five: Yellow damask throw pillows. The pillow covers are from Etsy and are a great way to change up your decor while still using your old pillows.

Six: Wedged where the two couches meet. This is where you end up when you've slid half your body under the couches. Oh hey, front split.

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