My Favorite Room

Is our master bedroom.

This room started out mauve. I don't know what it is with mauve -- but it followed us here. Our condo's largest wall was painted mauve before we moved in. And just like the mauve before, the mauve in our bedroom didn't last very long. Mauve and I? We can't exist in the same house.

We painted our room a calming green tone and as I mentioned before, we refinished our bedroom furniture and adorned it with new hardware. We took down the bulky brown fan with brass hardware and after some searching found this chandelier.

The chandelier is my favorite part of the room. Until we had it hanging, the room did not seem complete. I still have a few pictures I'd like to hang -- but the chandelier keeps me satisfied for now. It even helps me look past the several mauve paint mistakes on our ceiling.

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