Somebody's Turning 1

Here's the Save the Date I designed for Daphne's party in June. This was sent via email to our local family members so that they could mark the date in their calendars. Too bad I had to send the email THREE times to get the image to go through. I embedded the image instead of attaching it in hopes that it would show up in the body of the email. Major embedded-image fail. It's worked in the past, so I'm not sure why it didn't this time. After trying one more time, I ended up attaching it. Totally lost the effect I was going for with that whole debacle.

I think her theme will be a color scheme -- pink and grey. I've already designed a flagged banner, and I've started with the invitation. It's 2.5 months away, but I'd rather get these things done now while I have time. Plus, it's fun for me.

I can't imagine I'll share anything more until after the party, so stay tuned!

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