Circle Takes the Square

Open layouts are tough spaces to design. I've decided this. You may disagree -- and that is okay. I've just had a really difficult time with our main floor. It looks good, but I'm just not satisfied quite yet.

There is no beginning or end to any wall. That is why we painted the whole first floor Greige. Yes, that was the paint color name. Grey + Beige = Greige. I think I'd probably be friends with the person who was responsible for naming our paint. Before Daphne was born, whenever we'd receive more swag for her, we coined it "Dwag". As in, Daphne + Swag.

Anyways, we took a trip to the (newish) Hobby Lobby near us. I had been before, and I had sung its praises to Brian. Think Joanns + Michaels + HomeGoods. After a few minutes spent in there, we had already grabbed an awesome mirror (see it on the fireplace wall?) and circular wire art (see it in the background near the couches?). When we got home, the mirror went up first. What a difference it made. It used to look so empty and neglected in that corner of our dining room. That square area above the fireplace really needed...something. Then, the circular wire art went up in the living room. And I was in love with this view from the back of our dining room. You see the circular mirror, and then you see the circular wire art at almost the same level. They really compliment each other from this angle. See?

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