Loving (said like Charlie Sheen's "winning")

Who doesn't quote Charlie Sheen these days? Anyways...

Thought I'd share some things I'm loving/stalking on the internet these days:

1) Pinterest. I am a newbie to the site, but I'm loving it. You have to request access and several days later you receive an invite. Inspiration central.

2) Anything and everything seersucker. I'm a sucker for seersucker. I am loving this cross-body handbag.

3) I'm thinking of making one of these.

4) I know Daphne won't remember her birthday, but I am really getting into the decorations. I'm thinking of using these paper flowers in some way.

5) I want these jeans pretty badly -- but I'm not spending $198 on them and they are out of my size. Let me know if you spot them somewhere!

6) Um, just LOOK at this wreath made from Peeps! I'd like to do it, but Brian might faint if he sees how many peeps I'd waste. He loves Peeps.

7) This is almost exactly how I feel about my design decisions. Plus, I like this gal's style.

8) My inspiration for Daphne's party.

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