Peeps Wreath by Audrey

In my first Loving series, I mentioned wanting to make a Peeps wreath. I wish I could say that the reason I didn't was because I was right about Brian being opposed to wasting that many Peeps. For the record, I was right about that. I just have a really hard time getting into holiday decorations. You put them up, and then have to take them right back down. I know that kind of thinking goes right along with not-cleaning-because-it's-just-gonna-get-dirty-again, but I'm a neat freak. I don't usually think that way.

Anyways, my little sister (who actually isn't little at all -- she's 15!) picked up my slack and created this scrumptious looking wreath. I wonder how many she ate in the process? She did a very nice job -- and she's also credited with taking the photos here. I love the creative angle of the first one. Good job, Audrey!

If you missed it, here's how to make one.

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