Somebody's Turning One: Part 2

I can finally share Daphne's invite – they went out early this week. Can I just tell you how hard it is these days to get a shot of Daphne facing the camera? It seems like most of my photos these days are blurry. She is moving so quick! I must have taken a hundred photos of her in this outfit.

Keeping with the pink and grey theme, I dressed the soon-to-be birthday girl in a grey top with white hearts and a pink chiffon flower headband (from Etsy!). I'll come clean and say that her headband is actually not that shade of pink. I had to adjust the color to match the pinks I was using in the card. Since this photo was taken, Daphne has sprouted a top tooth with three more up there waiting to bust through! I'm still waiting for that hair to grow in though...

In my life, the invite package doesn't stop at just the actual invitation. I printed out a grey and white stripe design to cut out and use as envelope liners. Even though the save-the-date only went out to family members (and it was digital), I wanted to tie the two pieces together. That's just me being lame.

More to come. I don't want to spoil anything for our guests!

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