Virtual Home Makeover

We've spent a lot of time updating the interior of our home. The exterior? Looks blah. It was not taken care of by the previous owners -- the shrubs are overgrown and dead in some sections. The shutters need to be repainted. The white trim needs repainted. Our grass has been overtaken by weeds. For two people straight out of a condo, these things are overwhelming. We are clueless.

One thing I do know how to do: Photoshop things. (The horrible bush cloning -- please ignore. I was only trying to quickly prove to myself that our exterior CAN look better). Instant makeover. Instant gratification. That is, until I walk outside and see our reality. During walks with Daphne, I take mental notes on the things I like about other houses in our neighborhood. There are a few houses with INCREDIBLE grass situations. I tried to get Brian to ask how they grew such a luxurious lawn (they were out gardening while we took Daphne around the 'hood), but he was not having it. I will continue to stalk our neighbors' lawns until I figure out the secrets. And to do so, I'll need to man up and just ask.

I'd like to take our shutters a few shades darker. I'd like a new lamp post out front. And I'd like the sky to be perfectly blue for our down-the-road real-life "after" pic. The landscaping needs a lot more work than what I've photoshopped here. I just have no idea about anything regarding landscaping. The best I could do is brighten up the shrubbery. Those two pink roses? Random. The tree next to our steps? I'd like it cut into a swirly thing, thanks.

Our neighborhood has a contest each year -- the house with the prettiest exterior/lawn wins. SPOILER ALERT: we didn't win. At least, I don't think we did as we've received zero notifications telling us that we did. Maybe next year.

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