Kitchen Phases

We finally did it. The biggest home improvement item on my list since we moved in was to update the kitchen. It was my top item to be completed before Daphne's birthday party -- and wouldn't you know, we finished the job with one measly week left before her party. That's how we do, I guess. Maybe we were both dreading the cabinet paint job and subconsciously kept putting it off. Whatever the case, it's done. And what a long way this kitchen has come.

  • Phase 1: Border ripped down and tile backsplash covered with white contact paper. Remember this post?
  • Phase 2: (Temporary-ish) vinyl flooring added. Granite countertops and new sink installed, along with glass mosaic backsplash. That task was completed by the professionals.
  • Phase 3: Our turn. Cabinetry painted white. By us. It was not fun. In case you didn't know, we have a lot of cabinet doors. Job required toddler removal for the day. We are all fine and good with exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals, but not our Baby Angel Princess. She's too precious. Grandma took her for the day.
  • Phase 4: I should have mentioned the addition of knobs to the cabinet doors. That IS happening. The tile flooring and stainless steel appliances (hopefully) will happen at a later date. I just feel the need to make semi-frequent mentions of these coveted updates to ensure that Brian doesn't get too comfortable with what has been done. It does look good. But it is not over yet.
So that's it. Project-by-project, we are de-previousownerizing our house and making it feel completely ours. Still so much more to do in here...but I'm starting to realize that's how the story goes in the big fat book of homeownership.

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