I love to love things. Here are some things I love right now:

1) There's a strong possibility that I like the idea of these Crocs more than I actually like them. Regardless, they deserve a spot here because I've had them bookmarked for a few months and frequently check to see if they are still available. 85% chance that I don't buy them.

2) Remember my rosette headband? This newspaper canvas artwork is pretty neat and I think uses a similar wrapping technique as the rosettes. The only thing that irks me about taking on such a project is the mess. Ink hands like whoa.

3) I haven't had much (read: any) experience with taking group photos. So, I googled. And I love these tips and examples. I'm adding these ideas to my arsenal.

4) I looooooove this nursery. When am I going to stop obsessing over stripes?

5) Did you know that I love chocolate? I want to make this two ingredient chocolate mousse. It looks simple. Which is right up my alley these days.

6) Sweet Baby Daphne.

7) When Daphne is in school, I'd like to think I'll be thoughtful enough to show her teachers our appreciation. Some cute ideas.

Stay tuned for next installment.
(but don't hold your breath, it might be a while)

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