Repurposing College Artwork

I thought I'd whip up some spooky drawings in honor of Halloween.

Just kidding. I drew these in my figure drawing class in college. I think my best one is the foot. Pretty gross, huh?

At the time, these drawings were in-class assignments or homework. As I mentioned in the post referenced above, I was loaded down with studio art classes this particular term and was really just trying to get through it all. I don't remember appreciating the kind of "homework" I was able to do. Did I ever mention I never had to write a paper longer than 8 pages in college? I think I've polled around in the past, and it seems I am the only one this is true for. Kind of makes me sound like a slacker. But, look at these cool drawings I came away with!

I am so glad I didn't toss all of my art from college. And I'm glad that for the ones I did, I have photographs of them. I'm not sure if it will happen this year, but it might be nice to repurpose these as Halloween decor. Or more, give them a purpose at all. Right now, the originals are sitting on a shelf in our basement and the photographed images in iPhoto -- doing absolutely nothing. If you might like to do the same, email me and I'll send you the images. Seriously!

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