Wow, it's been that long? My last post was in August?! Can I be honest with you all? I haven't been very creative in the past couple months. I've still been taking photos and freelancing, so I guess that statement isn't entirely true. I just haven't felt very inspired. I think I've been revived though.

Long ago, I started on Pinterest. Then I got scared. I knew it would become an addiction if I got in too deep...so I tried to stay away from it. I'm not sure what pushed me to get back on, but I did. WOW. My head is exploding with projects I want to tackle now. My creative juices are flowing again and I think I'm ready to jump back in!

Can I hand out another excuse for my lack of creativity lately? In case you missed it --

Baby #2 is expected to arrive at the beginning of April 2012! It's hard to be creative when you spend most of the day laying on the couch trying not to throw up all over your toddler. Maybe there is someone out there that can do it, but that person isn't me. For the past few months, my focus has been on getting my freelance work done and caring for Daphne. There hasn't been much energy left for anything else.

I have a list of projects I want to tackle -- most of them are crafts and other around the house fix-ups. And now that we have another baby on the way, I'm starting to visualize the empty room as another nursery. Long ago, I slapped painters tape along the trim in that room so that any visitors knew that SOMETHING was going to be done about the faded lime green room with black scuff marks on the wall. Blue painters tape says, "this room is in progress" without me having to say anything at all. I'd say the tape has been up for about 6 months.

I also plan on sharing some recent graphic design projects on here. There aren't enough of those on here, and that is what I do.

Now that I've committed myself to actually posting again -- I better get started on something.

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