DIY Advent Calendar

Meet our newest advent calendar. Our first one, I think, doesn't count. It was an impulse buy at Trader Joe's a few years ago — it had chocolate in it and I think we bought it a few weeks in and had to "catch up" on eating the candy. We were close to buying a cute one from Target last year, decided to wait until it really went on sale, and then it was gone. Fortunately, there are so many ways to make your own advent calendar. I didn't want to buy one this time around. Not after I've seen so many creative ways to count down to Christmas.

I started out by purchasing an old picture from the thrift store. It was ugly. Really ugly. The cashier didn't think so (to each their own) and actually mentioned how beautiful it was as she was putting it in the bag. No one tell her that I got home only to pull it apart, discard the glass, and paint the frame white. The backing is foam core, cut to fit the frame and covered in thrift store fabric (I think it was a drawstring laundry bag before I took my scissors to it). I created the outline for the tags in InDesign and printed them, cut them, and stamped them with metallic silver ink and a stamp I used for our wedding invitations. The number tags, I also created in InDesign. Any of the things I did on the computer could be easily done by hand though.

The only other materials I used were sewing pins and ornaments. The sewing pins were multi-colored until I decided to dip them in glue followed by glitter. Some of the ornaments are really ornaments, others I made with materials I found around our house. I did strategically place few of them on certain days — the "D" is on the 17th to celebrate Daphne turning 18 months, the Hannukah ornament is on the 21st because that is the first day of Hannukah this year, and the tree is on the 25th for obvious reasons.

Before I go, I need to mention that this was based off Katie Bower's advent calendar — maybe last year's? Or the year before? Either way, it stuck with me and I couldn't wait to make my own version. My next big craft is a felt circle garland for our tree. I physically can't stop making Christmas decorations. Also, this calendar is a much healthier option than the chocolate ones — each day in December, you have to walk over to the tree to put an ornament on. Built-in exercise. Your welcome.

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  1. Your home is one big pinterest board. Jealous! Love this idea!