Colorful Number Garland

Daphne likes to count. Or really, likes us to count while she repeats "sish" over and over...and over. "Sish" in our house, means "six", and that's the only number she likes to say. If she wants us to count to her, she'll "sish" us and hold up one finger. It's pretty adorable.

Because Daphne loves (us) to count, I thought she'd enjoy a bright colorful number garland in her new playroom. Since it's been up, she loves to point to the numbers and have us repeat them (yay for us!). Brian thinks its a coincidence but she usually points to the six and says "sish". He thinks it's merely the result of the six being the closest for her to reach and smack dab in the middle. I ere on the side of my child being a baby genius...

Anyways, here is how I made it. I designed each number to be a 3 inch square. My color theory for the playroom is anything goes. If it's bright and vibrant, it's allowed in. I started with bright red and ended with deep blue. From Joanns, I purchased 10 mini 3 inch square canvases. I had the numbers printed at Snapfish by grouping them in a layout that would print as an 11x14 poster. When the poster print arrived, I cut them all to size. I used photo adhesive strips to stick them to the canvases. Usually, I'd use spray mount for something like this, but the fumes are harsh and our unborn baby boy is very important to us. Once he's out, I'll go spray mount crazy.

I hot glued each canvas to jute I had laying around. There's a chance I'll change out the jute for something more colorful -- but for now I'm happy with it. Playroom photos to come, soonish.

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