About EDI

I'm Dara -- and I love art & design. I always have. In being a graphic designer, I see everything from a design standpoint. I analyze fonts on everything. I heart paint swatches -- in fact, one of my stocking stuffers this year was a stack of paint swatches from Lowe's. I think I meant it when I told my husband that this free gift was my favorite of all. I'm pretty lame like that.

A lot of times I don't have a plan for my designs. I wing it. Other times, I can't sleep because my mind is swirling with colors and ideas for a graphic design project -- or more recently, for our new home. I plan on sharing all that is art & design in my life. Sometimes, and probably more often than sometimes, I will share crafts. There's a good chance they'll be a bit girly though because...

My husband Brian and I have an adorable daughter named Daphne. She's 19 months old. She's our little princess angel. I take a million photos of her every month and I'm currently using a point and shoot Sony Cybershot Nikon D3100. I started this blog using my Sony Cybershot -- but my husband and family surprised me with the Nikon as an early birthday present! You'll see my photos before and after I've worked my Photoshop magic.

Now, about the name. Have you noticed that everyone seems to be tacking on "ish" to the end of words lately? I have. 'What time do you want to come over?' 'Eh, 3ish'. 'What color do you think that is?' 'Purplish'. 'What is it like out?' 'Coldish'. You get the idea. You can use it when you don't want to fully commit to a certain time, or a particular color, or a label. Not everything here will fall under the label of Design -- but "Designish"? Sure. It's non-committal and it's perfect.