Somebody's Turning 1

Here's the Save the Date I designed for Daphne's party in June. This was sent via email to our local family members so that they could mark the date in their calendars. Too bad I had to send the email THREE times to get the image to go through. I embedded the image instead of attaching it in hopes that it would show up in the body of the email. Major embedded-image fail. It's worked in the past, so I'm not sure why it didn't this time. After trying one more time, I ended up attaching it. Totally lost the effect I was going for with that whole debacle.

I think her theme will be a color scheme -- pink and grey. I've already designed a flagged banner, and I've started with the invitation. It's 2.5 months away, but I'd rather get these things done now while I have time. Plus, it's fun for me.

I can't imagine I'll share anything more until after the party, so stay tuned!


My Favorite Room

Is our master bedroom.

This room started out mauve. I don't know what it is with mauve -- but it followed us here. Our condo's largest wall was painted mauve before we moved in. And just like the mauve before, the mauve in our bedroom didn't last very long. Mauve and I? We can't exist in the same house.

We painted our room a calming green tone and as I mentioned before, we refinished our bedroom furniture and adorned it with new hardware. We took down the bulky brown fan with brass hardware and after some searching found this chandelier.

The chandelier is my favorite part of the room. Until we had it hanging, the room did not seem complete. I still have a few pictures I'd like to hang -- but the chandelier keeps me satisfied for now. It even helps me look past the several mauve paint mistakes on our ceiling.


Oh, hey. It's been a while.

I once read that you should never apologize for a long gap in blogging. So I won't. I never read that you can't hand out excuses for it though -- so I will.

I've been busy, busy, busy. Daphne, freelancing, having the flu, and keeping up with general household duties have kept me away from EDI. I've thought about it, wanted to do something about it, and instead have plopped down on the couch after a busy day and watched TV. I'm on top of things now, and it's Friday, so here I am!

The photos haven't stopped around here. I always find time to grab my camera. And with Daphne's mobility increasing with each day, I'm having more fun photographing her. It's a bit more challenging because she NEVER sits still anymore, but fun nonetheless. She is crawling, pulling herself up, gravitating towards electrical outlets, and feeding herself finger foods. All of these things happened so quickly, and almost simultaneously. Sometimes I just stare at her wondering what she is going to do next. She probably thinks I'm a bit creepy.

I took these photos last Friday, when the weather was perrrrrrrfect. I laid a blanket out on our deck (not because I wanted it to look pretty, although that was a nice bonus, but because the wood is very splintery) and we "played". Parts of the day were overcast -- which makes for great lighting. There is almost always brightening up to do, as you can see. And of course, I had to throw in a B&W for good measure. Everyone knows those are my faves.

Hoping we can get back outside soon. Spring is here, but it really isn't. Such a tease.


Hand Drawing

Here is another one from my figure drawing class in college.

Towards the middle of the trimester, I learned that we would be heading to a local medical college to draw. The subject: cadavers.

I went along with the whole thing until I saw another classmate reaching her gloved hand into a cadaver's body. I realized I didn't want to see what I was about to see and dipped out. I spent the entire class sitting in the hall drawing my hand. It was a fun time.

This drawing predates my horrible finger-in-hand-blender accident a few months back. Hi, straight and unscarred index finger. It's nice to see you again.


Partying Like It's 1931

My grandmother is turning 80 next month and we are celebrating! Apparently she was given the choice of having a family dinner to celebrate or a big party (so I've been told). Naturally, she chose the party.

Grandma is hip. She's fresh. She uses email, and I swear she IMed me in college once. This invite had to reflect just how hip she is. It's bright and energetic -- just like my Grandma. A muted color scheme was just out of the question for this gal.

Sorry, party crashers -- information changed.


6 Little Details

Sometimes, the little details need some appreciation. And sometimes, I need to focus on them so I can forget the deep sea of to-do lists that I'm currently drowning in.

One: A view from the foot of our bed. This room started out as mauve and our bedroom furniture used to be a dark oak color. Brian put a lot of hard work into painting the set (and me, a little, but I consider myself more of the 'art director' of all things involving the decor of our home). The frames are from a shop I found on eBay. They were custom made for dirt cheap. And now the shop doesn't exist anymore. Hmm. The photos: our wedding, our princess angel, and us at a wedding. The duvet cover came from a place that rhymes with Hi-Smea.

Two: A close-up of the duvet cover that came from the place that rhymes with Hi-Smea. I spot a cat hair.

Three: A glass arrangement I have set up on our nightstand. All from the thrift store and one originally from Crate & Barrel.

Four: Princess Angel is loving to slide herself under the couches. Which reminds me that I need to Swiffer.

Five: Yellow damask throw pillows. The pillow covers are from Etsy and are a great way to change up your decor while still using your old pillows.

Six: Wedged where the two couches meet. This is where you end up when you've slid half your body under the couches. Oh hey, front split.