Circle Takes the Square

Open layouts are tough spaces to design. I've decided this. You may disagree -- and that is okay. I've just had a really difficult time with our main floor. It looks good, but I'm just not satisfied quite yet.

There is no beginning or end to any wall. That is why we painted the whole first floor Greige. Yes, that was the paint color name. Grey + Beige = Greige. I think I'd probably be friends with the person who was responsible for naming our paint. Before Daphne was born, whenever we'd receive more swag for her, we coined it "Dwag". As in, Daphne + Swag.

Anyways, we took a trip to the (newish) Hobby Lobby near us. I had been before, and I had sung its praises to Brian. Think Joanns + Michaels + HomeGoods. After a few minutes spent in there, we had already grabbed an awesome mirror (see it on the fireplace wall?) and circular wire art (see it in the background near the couches?). When we got home, the mirror went up first. What a difference it made. It used to look so empty and neglected in that corner of our dining room. That square area above the fireplace really needed...something. Then, the circular wire art went up in the living room. And I was in love with this view from the back of our dining room. You see the circular mirror, and then you see the circular wire art at almost the same level. They really compliment each other from this angle. See?


Peeps Wreath by Audrey

In my first Loving series, I mentioned wanting to make a Peeps wreath. I wish I could say that the reason I didn't was because I was right about Brian being opposed to wasting that many Peeps. For the record, I was right about that. I just have a really hard time getting into holiday decorations. You put them up, and then have to take them right back down. I know that kind of thinking goes right along with not-cleaning-because-it's-just-gonna-get-dirty-again, but I'm a neat freak. I don't usually think that way.

Anyways, my little sister (who actually isn't little at all -- she's 15!) picked up my slack and created this scrumptious looking wreath. I wonder how many she ate in the process? She did a very nice job -- and she's also credited with taking the photos here. I love the creative angle of the first one. Good job, Audrey!

If you missed it, here's how to make one.


I heart thee, contact paper.

Is it lame that I could go on and on about my love for contact paper? To quote Rihanna's risqué song, I love the smell of it. I'm not kidding either. I literally LOVE the smell of contact paper. New shower curtains will do, but a good fresh roll of contact paper? I could die, it smells so good.

Contact paper really pulled through for me when we first moved into our new house. Our kitchen was rose-themed. Rose-themed border, rose-y colored tiles, rose themed vinyl flooring. Rose-themes and the color mauve are probably BFFs. And we all know how I feel about mauve -- the opposite of how I feel about contact paper.

Pulling down the border made an instant improvement in the look of our kitchen. My eyes no longer bounced from rose-themed floor, to tile, to border. Just from floor to tile. As a (hopefully) temporary solution to the flooring, we bought self-adhesive vinyl tiling to cover the rose vinyl. Brian conquered that task in a few hours. All that was left staring at me in the face was mauve tile backsplash. Fortunately, most of the backsplash was white tile, with accent mauve tiles. We had some contact paper left from lining our kitchen cabinets and I decided to cut the contact paper to size to cover the rose tiles. I'd be lying if I said I didn't take on the this project just to sit and smell the wonderful aroma that contact paper has. I knew the contact paper would be a temporary solution to hiding the mauve designs -- I just didn't want to feel physically ill every time I looked at the tiles when I walked into the kitchen. A month or so after I covered the tiles, we splurged for a new glass mosaic backsplash and granite countertops. I'll show those after we paint our kitchen cabinets. I don't want to steal contact paper's thunder. Here are some shots I snapped before and after the contact paper and vinyl was "installed".

*I wouldn't recommend using contact paper to cover anything in your kitchen permanently -- but it is a quick fix until you can get around to tackling the project you really want done. I googled around and came across tile decals. I considered buying them instead of cutting my own, but it was a bit pricey and completely not worth it when I knew we'd be changing our backsplash anyways.


Loving (said like Charlie Sheen's "winning")

Who doesn't quote Charlie Sheen these days? Anyways...

Thought I'd share some things I'm loving/stalking on the internet these days:

1) Pinterest. I am a newbie to the site, but I'm loving it. You have to request access and several days later you receive an invite. Inspiration central.

2) Anything and everything seersucker. I'm a sucker for seersucker. I am loving this cross-body handbag.

3) I'm thinking of making one of these.

4) I know Daphne won't remember her birthday, but I am really getting into the decorations. I'm thinking of using these paper flowers in some way.

5) I want these jeans pretty badly -- but I'm not spending $198 on them and they are out of my size. Let me know if you spot them somewhere!

6) Um, just LOOK at this wreath made from Peeps! I'd like to do it, but Brian might faint if he sees how many peeps I'd waste. He loves Peeps.

7) This is almost exactly how I feel about my design decisions. Plus, I like this gal's style.

8) My inspiration for Daphne's party.