A few weeks ago, I made my very first purchase at Zulily. I'd been on the lookout for new sandals for Daphne. I was looking for a pair under $20 -- it's almost fall and I figured she won't get too much wear out of them before it gets too cold. Color me pumped when I came across these (I bought them in silver). And they were on sale for $15 -- over 50% off the regular price. I virtually snatched them up and pouted because it looked like it would be a while until I had them on my little angel's chubby feet. In my experience with flash sales, shipping is usually painfully slow.

Well, they arrived today. I tore open the box and pulled them out of the cute little shoe box they came in. Brian was sitting with Daphne on the couch. While I was walking over to put them on her, I started examining the soles. I was impressed. They had nice contour and they were sturdy. Then I squeezed the sole.

"SQUEEAKKKKK!" went the sole. Brian looked at me. I looked at him. "She CANNOT wear those," he said. I agreed. "She can't even wear those to the wedding! She'll be squeaking every single time she takes a step!". I disagreed -- I argued that maybe she wasn't heavy enough to make them squeak with every step. I looked at my chubby toddler and then over to the box, where the tagline read "Fun Shoes for Kids". Then we set her down on the carpet where she happily stomped continuously across our living room, admiring the loud squeak that came with every step she took. At this point, we realized that there was no way we'd send them back. It was just too precious to watch.

We talked about how horrible the design of these shoes were. Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a toddler that sounds like she has dog toys glued to the bottom of her shoes? We talked about poking a hole in the sole in attempt to disable the shoe's squeaking feature. Then I looked at the box and realized there was a simple solution. The makers of WeeSqueaks weren't out to get us -- all we had to do was remove a tiny white valve from the sole to disable the squeaking. See photo below.

And then it was decided that the design of these shoes is genius. $15 well spent. Now all I'm left wondering is, how did I overlook this when I bought these? They are called WeeSQUEAKs. Come on, Dara.

Note: I know this is walking a very fine line when it comes to art + design...but I did use the word "design." Not once, but twice. Plus anything that has glitter on it is technically art.