Holiday Cards 2011

Every year, I'm rushed for time. Every year, something goes wrong in the planning of my cards. This year, we used Carrie D Photography for our family photos. After one major mishap (I mistakenly put the shoot into my calendar for Sunday, when it was supposed to be a Saturday -- which left my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew wondering where we were. Major fail on my part, but Carrie was more than understanding and scheduled to meet the next day to finish the shoot.), and one tantruming Daphne, we came away with some very beautiful photos of our family. Carrie did a great job at capturing us between those moments when Daphne was screaming. In Daphne's defense though, she had missed her morning nap and was also battling some sort of gastro bug. You'd never know it looking at our favorites though.

This year I designed a card that I could print at home, using minimal ink, and fasten an actual printed photo to. In years past, I've designed them and sent them to Overnight Prints. Last year, they got behind with the Christmas rush and I almost didn't have them on time. I figured I could eliminate that risk this year by printing them myself. I was wrong. Snapfish sent me an email a few days after I placed my order of 60 prints telling me that my order could be 2 weeks late due to the holiday rush. I called, got a refund on my prints, and uploaded the photo to Shutterfly. I picked the prints up later that day and was really happy with the color. Then I went to work at cutting them to size and fastening them to each card. That was a really good time.

So, here they are. I printed them on 80 lb white linen and mailed them in brown paper envelopes. Instead of designing mailing labels this year, I decided to handwrite addresses with silver metallic ink. I had big plans to include gift tags printed on the same brown paper, but time became an issue. That, and I was just getting tired and wanted to get these out. Maybe next year!