DIY Nursery Mobile

1 roll of clear jewelry thread
1 embroidery ring
4 different colors of cardstock
1" circle punch
2" circle punch
hot glue gun
sewing needle

There have been a lot of different variations of this mobile floating around on Pinterest. There's a paint swatch version out there, versions with more circles, less circles, ombre circles, scalloped circles, chain-linked circles...I could go on and on.

Side story: I actually made a paint swatch "chandelier" that was intended for use in Daphne's room. I used a 1" circle punch to cut hundreds of circles out of different pink paint swatches I had Brian swipe from Lowes. It took weeks to finish and in the end, I kind of hate it. I'm too proud to just throw it in the trash -- so it's currently hanging in my office.  Too soon to toss it. Two of the reasons I'm not happy with it: 1) despite following instructions, you can still see the text on the back of each swatch, and 2) each strand is very finicky and will not hang perfectly straight. Because of these two snafus, when I decided to make a mobile for baby boy's room, I went a different route. And this time I made up my own instructions.

I bought one embroidery ring, a roll of clear jewelry thread, and 4 sheets of scrapbook card stock (dark blue, light blue, grey, and orange) from Joanns. The total cost of these items was around $5.

I used the inner part of the embroidery ring and tied 3 long pieces of the jewelry thread to it so it can hang from the ceiling. (It was nice to have the ring hanging from something while I attached each strand of circles.) I considered painting the ring, but in the end left it as is because we are using a lot of natural wood elements in his room. Each strand uses 14 circles -- 7 circles double sided. 5 strands.
70 circles total.

You can recreate this mobile in any color combination. You can attach more than 5 strands, less than 5 strands. Strand lengths can vary, circle size combinations can vary. You could even get cray-cray and use a different shape other than circles. The possibilities!

P.S. The mobile will not be hanging from the fan once we get our crib in place. It's just the safest spot to keep it away from the cats. Jewelry thread and paper + our cats = stepping in jewelry thread and paper cat puke at 7am before my eyes have focused enough to not do so.


  1. I'm looking to do strands like this for a baby shower I'm hosting in March. How did you attach the circles to the string?

  2. I first threaded the circles on clear jewelry thread. Using a regular sewing needle, I punctured through each circle on the top and then through the bottom (so you see a line of thread on one side of the circle. One I had all my circles threaded on each strand, I hot glued a circle to the back (where the thread is showing) to make each one double sided. Hope that makes sense!

  3. How did you tie the jewelry string to the embroidery loop? It keeps sliding off for me :-(

    1. Hi Janelle! Try sawing a slit in the hoop to make a groove so the thread stays. My hoop had a few grooves in it as it was sold, so that helped keep the thread in place. Let me know if it works! Thanks for reading!!!

  4. Remodeling my teenage daughters room and saw something similar with acetate, and copic markers. I thank you for the directions though! I just saw one at Target and thought, I can make that for alot less! But had no directions. So, thank you.