Sewing (Semi) Success #2: Fitted Crib Sheet

I had never really planned to update Daphne's room. Things just started happening. I changed out a few prints in her room and that small change got me thinking -- she needs more color! After I happened upon a vibrant, modern, flowery fabric at Joanns, it was all over. I was making over her room.

We aren't painting. I'm still a big fan of the color and it lends itself well to different color palettes. I've been using her curtain fabric as my color guide. We have fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow in the mix. (See my Pinterest board!) Once the room is done, I'll show it in its entirety. It's still a work in progress.

I found two tutorials online on how to sew a crib sheet and chose the one that I thought sounded easiest. Tutorial here. Everything went pretty smoothly. It didn't go perfectly. But it went well.

When I bought the fabric, I forgot to check the width as it comes. When I went to make the sheet I realized the width was less than 45 inches, which is what the pattern calls for. I decided to proceed because I had already started cutting and I realized that if anything, I could still learn how to make the sheet even if it didn't fit. It would have been a $5 loss if I couldn't use it.

Once I was finished (and the sheet was washed), I rushed upstairs to try it on. As expected, it was a little snug on the long sides of the mattress. So snug that the mattress would show on one side through the crib slats. With the crib pushed up to the wall though, no one can see the exposed mattress. In the future, I'll check the width of the fabric. It didn't even cross my mind.

I know crib sheets on their own aren't very expensive, but now that I know it's possible to sew my own I don't expect to buy many more. There are so many unique and exciting fabrics to choose from this way. And with two kids in cribs (one hopefully in a toddler bed at some point in the near future), having a nice selection of crib sheets will be nice. And if I can score $2.50/yd fabric often, it will definitely save us some dollars!

As far as I can tell, Daphne really likes her new crib sheet. She likes to point to each flower and say wasssssaaaat?, as in, what's that?. My role is to repeat flower. Over. And over. And over. Until I get her out.