Baby Boy's Nursery: The Deets

I really left everyone hanging with my last post. The truth is, there was a lot to say about all of the different elements of Maddox's (yes, we've spilled the beans on the name...) nursery. So much, that I felt overwhelmed and decided to spew all my photos at you without explaining anything. I did plan to come back with a photo collage (oh, how I love myself a photo collage) and talk about how we brought this nursery together. And because bullet points and lists are a total cop out awesome, that is how I'm doing it.

  1. The changing table. This guy used to be Daphne's. It's been a long time since we changed her on it and knew that we would shift it on into baby boy's room when the time was right. We used it a lot during Daphne's infant days, and I'm sure we will get the same use out of it with Maddox. To bring some new life to it, I switched out its white knobs to natural wood cone shaped knobs. I found a fabric I loved at Joanns and used my crib sheet sewing know-how to make a cover. LOVE. IT.
  2. The above-the-crib set-up. You saw my post on the mobile. I recreated the prints from ideas I found online. One reads "Good Morning Sunshine" and the other is a whale. To create some interest, I decided to use frames with different finishes instead of going with my typical white frame. The "M" is cardboard, from Joanns, and painted with Cadmium Orange acrylic paint and finished off with a clear poly gloss.
  3. Maddox bunting. This was never in the plan. Then I saw a burlap bunting with acrylic paint letters on Etsy and I had to have it. I used leftover Ikea curtain fabric from our main floor windows to cut out the triangles, then sewed the raw edges to prevent fraying. I used a stencil and white acrylic paint to make each letter of his name, let it all dry, then hot-glued each piece to an off-white ribbon.
  4. Whale art. Original found here. While I'm sure the original is way better than my own, I knew I could handle painting this one. I used 3 8x10 canvases, acrylic paint, and a template of the whale I drew in Illustrator to pull this one off.
  5. I just love the view from the master into his room. Some random notes about what you see: the basket is from HomeGoods and stores soft toys, the rug is from Urban Outfitters found here, and the crib was from here.
  6. Alphabet monogram art. I designed this. This wouldn't work for everyone's initials. It's about 16x20 and the frame is from Ikea. I'm loving light wood frames lately.
  7. The floating shelves. You didn't see this in my previous post! That's because they weren't ready. I was waiting on my felt chihuahua to come in, and was in need of some art to fill the spaces. The little blue clock is from here. The giraffe is a print I mimicked from something I saw online. And the blue striped canvas is a little project I painted and might share at a later date. Spoiler, it's actually not a canvas — it's white fabric hot-glued to an emptied out old frame. In other words, it was free.
  8. The cats' view. Because we have cats.
  9. Daphne loves going in his room and looking out the window. Then she points up to the fan and whines until I turn it on (she's got an unhealthy obsession with ceiling fans...ask anyone that knows her). She constantly pulls the lion (from HomeGoods!) off the side table. Not to play with it. Just to pull it off. The curtains were tailored by yours truly — fabric from Carousel Designs.
  10. The crib sheets. I know I proclaimed I would never buy another crib sheet, but this fabric was too cute to pass up. Comes in other colors from PBK. I have another set with muti-colored stripes to use as well. The color scheme in his room allows for a lot of different textile options, which I like, so I'm not tied to any one crib sheet.
So, that's it. Another random tidbit — the ottoman is by its lonesome right now. The armchair has been relocated from Daphne's room to our room and will probably stay there for the next 3-4 months. After having Daphne, we realized quickly that she'd be sleeping in our room with us, not her nursery. It only made sense to bring the armchair into our room for late-night/early morning nursing sessions. Once baby boy has been moved into his room, we will reunite the ottoman with its beloved armchair. I know they miss each other.


Baby Boy's Nursery

And here it is...in pictures
view from the hallway
with a glimpse of my "whale art" (idea via Pinterest, shock)

the crib set-up (no, I don't plan to leave the throw pillows in there!)