The Birth Announcement

It's no surprise, I don't have much free time these days. I expect this to change a little in coming months as Maddox (hopefully!) starts to fall into a routine. I can almost always count on Daphne's 2 hour nap in the middle of the day, but Maddox is still unpredictable. Just yesterday, he gave me 30 TOTAL minutes of glorious napping all day. It was awesome.

I have a hard time putting Maddox down if he's not sleeping. He wants to be held most of the time, and for that I can't fault him. He is still a newborn and needs all the comfort and love he can get. After spending 9 months in my belly where everything felt safe, he's now been thrusted into our chaotic world. It's rarely quiet around here. It is nothing short of a small miracle that I was able to get these birth announcements designed and mailed, all while planning and designing for Daphne's upcoming 2nd birthday party.

Question: Does anyone create anything that they haven't already seen done on Pinterest these days?! No? Okay, that makes me feel better. I'll come clean and say the front of this card was inspired by a design I found on the big P. I wanted something clean and simple with pops of orange. If you remember Maddox's room, you will know where the orange comes from. I'd like to frame the front of the card and hang it in his nursery so I kept that in mind when choosing the color palette.

I will soon have birthday invites to share. I'm very, very excited with how they turned out. Stay tuned!

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