Daphne's 2nd Birthday Invitations

Can I just tell you how excited I am about Daphne's party theme this year? For months, I thought I'd be designing a duck themed party for Daphne...until I realized that her love of all farm animals far outweighed her love for just ducks. Before she knew colors or numbers, she knew farm animals. Ducks go "cack, cack". Cows go "a-moo". Chickens go "buk, buk". Pigs go "oi oi". If there was ever to be a Jeopardy, Toddler Edition, Daphne would choose Farm Animals for $1000, Alex.

We are so fortunate to have a place like Clark's Elioak Farm in our area. They've got the Enchanted Forest to wander through, a tree maze, hay rides, and a petting zoo. We took Daphne for a test run a few weeks ago and she was ecstatic over being able to get so close to the animals. It only solidified our decision to have her 2nd birthday party there.

Last year it wasn't totally about her. I chose decorations and designs that I liked for her. This year we wanted a party that reflected things she loves. Maybe she won't remember, but we will. Seeing her run from the goats, to the sheep, to the chicken coop in delight are the kind of moments we live for. Just seeing her happy.

There will be a lot of gingham. A lot of burlap. Cowboy hats and neckerchiefs (each child will get their own!). I'm seeing lemonade with red striped straws. Oh, and more gingham.

Enjoy the invite package below!

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