Allison's Getting Married Part I

So, I posted Daphne's invitations a while ago. Then we all got sick and I had to reschedule her party for July 7th -- also known as the hottest day we could have possibly had it. Photos to come, but I'm telling you now that the sweaty, hot mess in the photos is me. Prepping the space at the farm for the party proved to be more work than I anticipated and I didn't exactly wear the most sweat-proof type of outfit. Lesson learned. Let's move on and talk about my dear friend, Allison.

Allison is getting married! And not only do I get to stand up there with her on September 2nd, I also had the privilege of designing invitations for her wedding, shower, and bachelorette party. I couldn't have been any more excited to do it all. And I can't wait to share them here. First up, the invite.

After discussing the color palette, any themes and/or preferences she had in mind, I got to work. I sent her a few different options -- all using deep purple and warm yellow hues. Allison gets five stars for participation. It was her suggestion to use the wheat graphic (drawn in Illustrator) in place of the dandelion I had there. A little background on her suggestion:

  • Allison and her fiancĂ© (Jake), have recently relocated to Colorado. Colorado is a state with more farming and land with less populous towns and people reminding Jake of where he grew up.
  • Symbolizes their new life in Colorado and the laid back lifestyle there and their future home they are planning to buy with land and acreage.
  • They picked a wheat 'strand' in Kansas on their drive out to Colorado at a really pretty wheat field on the side of the road. They still have it and plan on putting it in a shadow box.
  • They sort of have a special song (hey, mine and Brian's was Yeah, Yeah by Usher...) and its Neal Young's Heart of Gold. It's relaxing, mellow, and reminds Allison of a peaceful wheat field.

I love when there is a real purpose in design. It makes it that much more meaningful. And to top it all off, Allison added her own touch -- the wheat stamping on the back of the envelope. Way to go, Al!

So here's the whole shabang. Location and website information has been removed to prevent any party crashers (you know who you are) from...crashing.

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