Allison's Getting Married Part II. And (Not) Finding Balance.

I know everyone says it...there is not enough time in any given day to get everything done that needs to be done. You prioritize -- determining what can sit and what needs to be addressed like, now. There is no getting around it, my first priority is taking care of the babies during the day. I have personal and work-related emails to answer...but often they have to wait longer than I'd like. I'm really struggling to find the right balance and I'm finding myself turning down jobs that I'd normally snatch up in a heartbeat. In fact, I shouldn't even be blogging right now -- because both kids are sleeping and I could have only 5 more precious minutes. That's the thing too. With Daphne, I know she'll most likely sleep from 1-3 in the afternoon. With Maddox, I just never know. Could be 20 minutes. Could be 40. Could be 3 hours. I'm hesitant to start a big project during his naps because I know that by the time I sit down (after washing bottles, feeding myself, throwing in laundry) he'll probably be awake and ready to eat. I think most people might say right here that they aren't complaining...but I know I am. High five for admitting to it? Thanks, I'll take it.

All this to say, most posts these days were really intended to be posted yesterday. Or the day before. Or the week before. Maybe even months before. Did you know I stenciled my main floor's curtains? Probably not, because I haven't been able to pull a post together about it. Basically it started with a pregnant me naively thinking it wouldn't take very long. And ended with a pregnant me complaining about my back and how I was NEVER doing something like that again. Guess I don't need to post on it now. But, let's talk about Allison's bridal shower invitations, mmkay?

Allison and Jake are outdoorsy folk. They like nature. And they've moved across country where there is plenty of it. I'm sure they are eating it all up. Actually, I know they are. I just saw Allie's latest Facebook album (Hi, Al!). When brainstorming shower themes, it really made the most sense to go with something that reflected their love of the great outdoors. It was no coincidence that we used words such as "paths" and " toasting" and "gather" to share the important details of this exciting event. Now that they were all delivered, it's time to share:

The end. Maddox is up!

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